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You dreamed of it, it's now possible: Discover THE bookable table from Immersion. 😍 The one that will allow you to come brunch with a light mind, avoid the queue and eat on one of the most comfortable tables in the whole restaurant. 🤩


But beware, the bookable table is rare because as its name suggests: There is only one! 😱You can book weeks in advance, for a special occasion or just for fun.

Once installed, you have 2 hours to enjoy your brunch.


Please note: If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, your table will have been given to someone else 😢


The bookable table is a table for 2 people, but if you let us know, we can possibly transform it into a table for 3: 2 people on the bench, 1 person on a chair. Let us know so that we can organize ourselves. 🙂


Let's go ! On your marks ... ready ... brunch! 🥞

Do you want to cancel or modify your reservation?

  • Click on the login bar at the top left to connect to your account

  • Click on "My reservations"

  • Under the "Coming soon" tab is your future reservation.

  • To change the date, click on "modify"

  • To cancel your reservation, click on the small arrow to the right of "modify", then "cancel".

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